Starting Point

The initial step for any believer who desires to partner with FBC Centerton for the advancement of the gospel is to enroll in our Starting Point class. Starting Point is a six-week exploratory course that is led by our pastor team for the purpose of exposing potential members to the faith and practice of our congregation.


Starting Point meets during our small group time on Sunday mornings at 8:45 AM. The six-week format is as follows:


-  Week 1: Why join a church?

-  Week 2: Church membership at FBC Centerton

-  Week 3: Church leadership

-  Week 4: Statement of faith

-  Week 5: Life together as a church community

-  Week 6: Mission and vision


Potential members are strongly encouraged to attend each session and attendance at four sessions is required for individuals who desire membership.


Upon completion of the Starting Point class, potential members will meet individually (or as a couple if married) with the pastors to express their testimonies, baptisms, previous church histories, and knowledge of the gospel. These meetings also will allow potential members to ask any clarifying questions to the pastor team.


At this point, potential members who profess a genuine faith in Jesus Christ, have been baptized as believers by immersion in water, and are not harboring any unrepentant sin will be welcomed into the Christian fellowship of FBC Centerton as fellow members of one body. New members will be introduced and presented to the church at the next Sunday evening Lord's Supper service.



2018 Starting Point Schedule

Classes begin: January 21; April 22; September 9