Participants and Volunteers

What ages will be playing this year?

This year we are offering ages 1st-4th grade for both boys and girls and 5th-6th grade for the boys.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate the Kindergarten league like we have in the past.  

Our age/gender based divisions are the same as we have done in the past.  We will have the following divisions: 1st-2nd Grade Boys, 1st-2nd Grade Girls, 3rd-4th Grade Boys, 3rd-4th Grade Girls, and 5th-6th Grade Boys.

What are the important dates for Upward this year?

Registration: November 2-17

Evaluations: November 14th and 17th

Practices: The first practices start the week of January 4th

Games: The first game day will be January 23rd

Note on Practice Times: Due to COVID restrictions, our practice times will be 5:15 PM for 1st-2nd Grade, 6:30 PM for 3rd-4th Grade and 7:45 PM for the 5th-6th Grade.  This gives our crew time to clean between practices.  Practices will take place on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.  You will receive your practice schedule once you are assigned to a team.

What is the cost for the 2021 Season?

This year we are charging $70 for the first child registered per family and will reduce $5 for each additional child.  You will be required to pay when you register via the link provided below.

What can I do to help?

If you are interested in volunteering as a coach or referee, please use the volunteer registration link provided below.  We will review those applications and communicate additional information to you.

Participant Registration

Volunteer Registration

Evaluations and COVID-19

Who needs to attend Evaluations?

This year, we are only requiring those participants who are new to our league to attend evaluations.  If you have played with us before but did not play in 2020, this would include you as well.  Only those participants who played in our 2020 league are exempt from evaluations.  We just need to know your shirt and short size if you are returning to play.

For those that do need to attend evaluations, please use the link provided below to secure an evaluation slot.  Each time slot offers 2 evaluation spots.  If you need more than 2 spots, please register for additional time slots.  

Evaluation Sign Up

What about COVID-19?

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and The Arkansas Health Department mandates, the following limitations will be in place for our 2021 league:  

  1. All participants, spectators and volunteers will be required to wear a mask at all times.  Only those players actively playing in the game will be allowed to remove their masks.  Any person age 2 and up will be required to wear a mask. This includes both games and practices. 
  2. Due to space issues, we are limiting the capacity for games and practices to the participant plus 2 guests.  These guests will be required to sit in the designated areas throughout the duration of the practice or game.   
  3. In the event of a state mandated league cancellation, a 100% refund will be provided up until the point you receive your participant jersey and shorts.  

Other COVID-19 related information will be passed along concerning game days prior to the start of the season.

What Is Upward Sports?

Upward Sports is a positive sports experience that offers both parents and kids exactly what they want in a sports league. Parents love the family-friendly schedule, with a welcoming environment and coaches who teach the sport without yelling. Kids love the fact that they get to play or cheer every game, make new friends, and have fun learning new skills.

Check out the opportunities for your family below. All Upward volunteers must complete Child Protection First! training, and agree to our first commitment that, "Jesus Christ is Lord."

Registration information for the Upward 2021 season coming soon!